Off-Campus Internship Programs

Off-Campus Internship Programs

Summer Internship Program

This 4-week Summer Internship Program for Designing & Fabrication of Go-kart, Atv, Student Formula and Electric Auto is initiated by ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO) to offer opportunity of gaining intense knowledge about vehicle designing & manufacturing in an appropriately structured working culture of automobile industry. This training program aims to provide the students practical exposure that broadens their imagination, to explore and link between academics and industry. Also, it aims to assist the participants in developing and carrying out the major research projects.

This training program is all about the designing and fabricating of various vehicles. In other words, this training program is a right blend of theory and practical.

Through this program you will be able to put yourself to the test as you master demanding tasks at varying levels. We ensure that you will experience comprehensive introduction, support, and coaching during this internship. To ensure a mutually successful implementation of projects, experienced experts will be available as your personal mentors throughout.

During the program Junior Engineers will have the opportunity to work within a professional motorsport team and experience the techniques and process used whilst learning from our experienced engineers.

Program Fee

Student Formula- ₹ 4499/-

ATV- ₹ 3999/-

E-Auto- ₹ 3999/-

Go-Kart- ₹ 3499/-

Program Duration

Total duration of the program would be 28 days..

Accommodation (optional)

We helps you to provide cheap & best accommodation.

Program Calendar

Summer Internship Program 2021 Program Calendar

Activity Deadline - Batch 1 Deadline - Batch 2
Online Registration Opens 5 th March 2021 5 th March 2021
Online Registration Close 10th April 2021 15th April 2021
Merit List 12th April 2021 20th April 2021
Batch Formation 20th April 2021 10th May 2021
Offer letter 1st May 2021 15th May 2021
Training Start Date 24th May 2021 20th June 2021
Training Start Date 22nd June 2021 20nd July 2021

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Winter Internship Program

You must be wondering about what to do with all that spare time of winter vacations, for this ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO) have got exciting 7/15 days winter training programs to help you utilize this time and do something productive and innovative. This training program is Industry oriented training program for those who aspire to work in the core technical industry domain. It aims to enhance the technical skills and the practical knowledge of engineering students.

Also, this program nurtures students' leadership abilities to perform or execute the given task in a particular period of time which make them different from other. This training Program is extremely helpful for engineering students those who want to see themselves ahead in the competitive world.

Program Fee

Winter Internship Program Fee- ₹ 7999/-

Program Duration

Total duration of the program would be 15 Days (5 Hrs/Day).

Program Calendar

Winter Internship Program 2020 Program Calendar

Activity Deadline
Online Registration Opens 1 November 2020
Registration Close 20 December 2020
Merit List 21 December 2020
Batch formation 22 December 2020
Offer Letter 25 December 2020
Winter Training Program 2020 starts 1 January 2021

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Semester Training Program

Having huge faith in the words said by Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, “The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth”; IRDO recruits potential interns for its semester internship program. This regular, full time and sponsored internship opportunity offer 5 vacancies for undergraduate students every semester. Interns are trained and incubated on and for various concurrent projects as per their interest.

Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work. This internship provides a great opportunity to gain commercial experience and learn new skills. Participants who stand out and display a genuine capacity for a role may be able to turn their interning experience into a job offer. This six-month internship program offers in-house accommodation for both male and female interns additionally.

Program Fee

Semester Training Program Fee- Free

Program Duration

Total duration of the program would be 6 Months (6 Hrs/Day)


List of vacancies for Semester Training Program as follows-

Educational Qualification Total Vacancies Program Fee
Online Registration Opens 20 Free
Registration Close 20 Free
SIP Start Date 5 Free
SIP End Date 30 Free
Doubt clearing session 31 Free
Online Test 2 Free

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Benefits of The Program

  • Helps you to enhance and brush-up your technical skills.
  • Encourages team work and leadership qualities.
  • Helps you in selecting your area of interest and finding what excites you the most.
  • Interaction with industrial experts helps you to clear your doubts.
  • Offers you an opportunity to work with us.
  • Offers you the direct opportunity to work with professionals on the live projects.
  • This training program helps you to understand about step by step methods of fabrication, which will help you for building of your own vehicle while taking a part in any of design competitions.


  • The abbreviation of IRDO is single line answer (ISNEE Research and Development Organization). IRDO is not just a training center. It is the platform where you realize your abilities.
  • We have well-maintained and easy to operate equipment.
  • We have experienced trainer and officials.
  • What are your immediate needs? What are your long-term goals? Do you want to gain experience in a certain field? Do you want to start making professional connections? Are you exploring whether or not you want to enter a certain line of work? Are you looking for a job you can return to during future breaks from college?

Frequently asked questions

Answer- For the details about the applicant eligibility please refer to the following link
Answer- Yes, we recruit the meritorious student from our program. To know more details about placement opportunities mail us at
Answer- The training will be conducted at IRDO facility, which is situated at H-72, Dhobiyan, Ahrolla Road - Basta, Uttar Pradesh, India 246736.