Research Fellowship Program

Research Fellowship Program


The Research Fellowship Program Initiated by ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO), has been designed to offer a research platform to engineering students of the nation. Under this program, we provide a pre-manufactured, ready to run electric auto (three-wheeler) to the participants that further works as a research subject for them. With vast potential and scope, the program seeks to attract the best talent into research thereby realizing the vision of development through innovation.

This research program aims to provide the students with practical exposure that broadens their imagination, to explore and establish links between academics and industry. Also, it aims to assist the participants in developing and carrying out major research projects. This 12-month project is powered by ISNEE MOTORSPORTS in the form of national-level exposition.

We aim to

  • Support the development of the auto industry workforce through fellowship opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students hence their professional development.
  • Emphasize the critical need to provide leading-edge training and learning opportunities for students. These investments include support for experimental learning opportunities, student training, curriculum development, and development of methods to improve the recruitment and retention of students.

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Program Calendar

All the departments are instructed to follow the deadlines mentioned in the program calendar given below. Nobody possesses dispensations of violating the deadlines until any meeting concludes the postponement or cancellation of any activity/event.

Activity Deadline
Registration Starts 15 July 2020
Registration Ends 15 Sep 2020
Late Registration Ends 25 Sep 2020
Agreement Signup 30 Sep 2020
Financial Settlements 15 Oct 2020
Webinar on Induction Program 20 – 25 Oct 2020
Webinar on Basics of Automotive Technologies 30 - 31 Oct 2020
Webinar on Vehicle Dynamics 5 - 10 Nov 2020
Webinar on Report Submission 15 – 16 Nov 2020
Webinar on Basics of Electric Vehicles 5 -10 Dec 2020
Webinar on Design of e-Auto 12 -15 Dec 2020
Software(S)/Reference Material Distribution 15 Dec 2020
Logistic Partner announcement 20 Dec 2020
Vehicle Dispatch 20-25 Jan 2021
Safety Instruction Manual 25 Jan 2021
Webinar on e-Auto [Vehicular Operations] 1 Feb 2021
Tutorials 3 Feb 2021
Project Undertaking 5 Feb 2021
R & D Time 5 Feb – 31 June 2021
Reports Submission 5 July 2021
Evaluation / Assessment 2 Aug 2021
Exposition 20 - 25 Aug 20201
Post Project Return Process Starts 10 - 20 Sep 2021
Valuation in case of return 25 Sep 2021
Return Approval 30 Sep 2021
Return Dispatch October 2021 (1st week)

Stages of the program

This program is divided into 10 stages described as follows:

1- Registration- Registrations for 30 slots are done under this phase.

    • Registration Frequency- Registrations are scheduled to be done after every six months i.e. July and January.

2- Registration Fee- Free.

3- Workshop/Training- From a learning point of view, this program offers 4 intensive yet free workshops/webinars for the registrants.

    • Workshop/Webinar Basics of Automotive Technologies
    • Workshop/Webinar Vehicle Dynamics
    • Workshop/Webinar on the EV
    • Workshop/Webinar on Vehicle Design

4- Vehicle Dispatch- This phase comes after two months from the date of enrollment wherein, completely assembled and ready to run vehicle (without battery) is shipped to the institution. Delivery time is subjected to enrollment time; however, we always attempt to deliver the vehicle before the aforesaid time of two months.

5- Project Undertaking- Under this phase, teams are asked about the list of innovations, modifications, and upgrades they want to add to the vehicle.

Note- Project Undertaking once submitted cannot be changed by the participants until they obtain permission by sending mail to the concerned Customer Relationship Manager.

Note- Project Undertaking is to be submitted online through team account.

6- Document Submission- In this phase, teams need to submit their detailed documents about their project planning for Research and Development as per given formats. All about their idea and method for a particular innovation.

7- R&D- Minimum of five months are given to the teams for research, development, and implementation of the ideas on to the vehicle. These additions must comply to the submitted project undertaking.

8- Doucment Submission- In this phase, teams need to submit their research documents and a brief report of the R&D they have done. Reports to be submitted are as follows:

    • Cost Estimation [only for additions]
    • Design Report [only for additions]
    • Supportive Documents [e.g. calculations, design iterations, etc. only for additions]

9- Assessment- Assessment is done to postulate the much-required review on the work done, reports, cost, and utility of the innovations/upgrades. A pre-assigned group of technical experts from the EV industry examines the reports and suggests teams the potential changes to be made before the expo.

10- Exposition- Finally, all the registered institutions are invited to an expo where they showcase the re-innovated/upgraded vehicles. They also receive the certificate of excellence, certificate of participation, certificate of appreciation, awards, trophies, etc. according to their performance. This all is done based on the evaluation of their vehicles, reports and interviews, and interactions.


  • The abbreviation of IRDO is single line answer (ISNEE Research and Development Organization). IRDO is not just a training center. It is the platform where you realize your abilities.
  • We have well-maintained and easy to operate equipment.
  • We have experienced trainer and officials.
  • What are your immediate needs? What are your long-term goals? Do you want to gain experience in a certain field? Do you want to start making professional connections? Are you exploring whether or not you want to enter a certain line of work? Are you looking for a job you can return to during future breaks from college?

Frequently asked questions

Answer- For the details about the applicant eligibility please refer to the following link
Answer- Yes, we recruit the meritorious student from our program. To know more details about placement opportunities mail us at
Answer- The training will be conducted at IRDO facility, which is situated at H-72, Dhobiyan, Ahrolla Road - Basta, Uttar Pradesh, India 246736.