SketchPro Competition

SketchPro Competition


Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but achieved mediocre results?

Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wonder how they do that?

When we see others' successes, what we don’t see are the countless hours they spent behind the scenes, honing their craft, and building their skills. What we see as "talent" in others is the result of their 10,000 hours of hard work where raw passion and human potential are turned into hard skills that's where IRDO comes in, we dare you to shape your sketching talent and sketch something that relates to your true potential. We are starting SKETCHPRO SEASON 3 which is organized under IRDO TALENT CARNIVAL

Rules of the Competition

  • Every contestant needs to submit 2 photographs of their sketch/drawing and the photographs must be relevant to any of the following-
    • Concept cars/bike
    • Future Mobility
    • Quad Bike, Go-Kart, Student Formula Vehicles and Baja buggy
    • Design inspired from Super heroes of Shaktimaan, Disney, Marvel, DC, X-MEN, STAR WARS & etc.
    • Design inspired by any other living creatures of LAND, WATER & AIR (i.e. Animals, fishes, birds and etc.)
  • Minimum 2 and maximum 6 photos (with participant's initials on the sketch) must be mailed to on or before 30th September 2020.
  • The submitted sketches will be uploaded on our Instagram (@8 pm every day) and below mentioned would be the points distribution system:
  • Try to sketch your own concept rather than copying existing ones. However, you can refer to existing sketches/concepts for creativeness and inventiveness. Fully copied work will be discarded.
  • You can be contacted by our officials seeking explanation over submitted concepts/sketches. Your submission stands discarded if you fail to justify your work.
  • ISNEE MOTORSPORTS & IRDO reserves all the rights to increase registration limit, modify rules, postpone the competition for advancement of participant as well as fair and healthy competition.
  • ISNEE MOTORSPORTS & IRDO reserves all the rights to cancel the registration or disqualify any participant(s) failing to follow the guidelines/rules of the competition.

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PDS (Points Distribution System)

1- Sketch Submission- Sketches submitted on or before the deadlines will be considered for the contest, post deadline submissions will be discarded. Points distribution will be done as follows:

Activity Points
Report 10
Instagram Score 20
Jury's Score 70
Grand Total 100

2- Report- On time submission with description of below mentioned points will be given 10% weightage.

  • Report must include-
    • Theme, colours do speak.
    • Equipment's used to design the sketch.
    • Idea and Concept, what makes this concept so unparalleled.
    • One creative paragraph to enlighten your work. [Please elaborate more about this]
    • Mention the source, link, story and photograph by which those sketches inspired, if referred to any existing designs.
  • Report must be of minimum 1 page or max 2 pages in pdf format and to be submitted at the time of sketches submission.
  • Don't forget to mention your NAME, SKETCHPRO REGISTRATION ID and INSTAGRAM ID in your report.

3- Instagram Scoring- On time submission with description of below mentioned points will be given 10% weightage.

  • Per reaction (i.e. love) - 2 points
  • per share- 4 points

Instagram Scoring Formula: Insta Score = 20 X (INSTAyours / INSTAmax)

INSTAyours - Your Instagram Score
INSTAmax - Maximum Instagram Score

4- Jury's Score- Jury evaluates your sketch/concept based on following criteria-

Elements Marks
Theme 10
Skills and Perfection 15
Use of shades, scale and dimensions 10
Imagination, creativity 15
Neatness, finishing 10
Viewer Perception 10
Grand Total 70


All the departments are instructed to follow the deadlines mentioned in the program calendar given below.

Winner Deadline
2000 INR 1000 INR
30% on IRDO webinars 20% on IRDO webinars
Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Excellence
Photo in IRDO achiever's gallery Photo in IRDO achiever's gallery

Participation Procedure

  • In order to participate in the contest; one must fill the online registration form available on
  • The contest starts on 30th September 2020 Tentatively, at 8:00 pm.
  • The uploads on Instagram of 1st day will result on the day 3, 8:00 pm.


  • The abbreviation of IRDO is single line answer (ISNEE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION). IRDO is not just a training center. It is the platform where you realize your abilities.
  • We have well-maintained and easy to operate equipment.
  • We have experienced trainer and officials.
  • What are your immediate needs? What are your long-term goals? Do you want to gain experience in a certain field? Do you want to start making professional connections? Are you exploring whether or not you want to enter a certain line of work? Are you looking for a job you can return to during future breaks from college?

Frequently asked questions

Answer- For the details about the applicant eligibility please refer to the following link
Answer- Yes, we recruit the meritorious student from our program. To know more details about placement opportunities mail us at
Answer- The training will be conducted at IRDO facility, which is situated at H-72, Dhobiyan, Ahrolla Road - Basta, Uttar Pradesh, India 246736.